Why should we use reusable bags?

Why should we use reusable bags?

Why should we use reusable bags?

Plastic bags use non-renewable resources.

Plastic bags made from oil which is a fossil fuel and a non-renewable resource cannot be reused The manufacturing process of disposable plastic bags also emits greenhouse gases. Therefore, by reducing the need for use will help to reduce production This leaves more and more non-renewable resources available for other purposes instead of being used for the production of plastic bags for consumption. And the environment will not be affected by greenhouse gases such as global warming, melting ice caps. and caused a great flood

reusable bags help reduce the amount of waste Help protect animals, trees and water bodies.

Paper bags are destined to the same fate as disposable plastic bags when shoppers choose to carry their takeout in a reusable bag. By eliminating the paper bag, the waste of resources is reduced. Paper bags can be made from virgin fibers or recycled materials. which is not harmful to the environment

Plastic bags play a role in making waste easier. comes from lightweight construction If someone accidentally throws a plastic bag in a place that shouldn’t be thrown away, the plastic bag may fly onto the tree, covering the branches, hindering growth. Or blown into the water may become a cause of flooding due to clogging the sewers. There is also a risk to the animals that live in the neighborhood. May accidentally eat a bag or may become a breeding ground for mosquitoes because stagnant water spreads harmful viruses and germs

reduce greenhouse gas emissions

reusable bags Help prevent the accumulation of greenhouse gases. When reusable bags are made from materials like jute, cotton or bamboo, the environment benefits. Because these materials are renewable materials that are growing rapidly. Therefore, crops can be harvested and new crops can be planted quickly. Harvest without causing the plant to die first. And bamboo can continue to grow and convert greenhouse gases into breathable oxygen without interruption.

Reusable, reusable grocery bags reduce waste.

When reusable bags are made from recyclable materials such as RPET made from plastic bottles or even a reusable bag made of cotton. The bag is reusable as it wears out. When materials are recycled They will be decomposed and turned back into something useful. and more importantly, They must not litter the overflowing waste as it is.

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