Who shouldn’t try massage

Who shouldn’t try massage

Who shouldn’t try massage

1. Have a chronic disease

Aanyone with the following congenital diseases should refrain. Or be very careful during the massage. because of the stimulation of blood circulation or stretching and bending the muscles and tendons may cause bodily injury The following diseases are blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, neurodegenerative disease. especially the spinal cord, loose joint disease, vascular disease or lymphatic obstruction, diabetes, etc.However, it is not that those suffering from these diseases cannot have Thai traditional massage. You should just consult your personal doctor first. Whether it is possible to have a Thai massage, acupressure, or stretch? to protect not cause bruises Irregular blood circulation or broken bones

2. If there is a wound,

please refrain from massage.wounded person or infected wounds Traditional Thai massage will make the wound more prone to infection and increase the risk of infection. Especially with equipment, pillows, sheets, etc., should choose to receive a massage from a shop that has good hygiene. If the massage requires the use of water and oil, avoid until the wound heals. because there may be a risk of infection

3. People with excessive pain

This may seem a bit contradictory. Because most of the reason people go for a massage is because they want to relieve the pain. Are you tired? But for people who have too much fatigue. Massage doesn’t seem like a good solution. because in addition to not helping to relieve pain may worsen symptoms further Excessive aches and pains are as follows:Headaches caused by sinusitis may cause blurred vision, double vision, vomiting, complicationsNeck pain that radiates to the numbness of the shoulder and shoulder, accompanied by weakness in the limbs.Shoulder or limb pain, where you are unable to move your shoulder or limb. Red, swollen, hot, aching shoulders or limbsBack pain that radiates to the hips, numbness of the limbs, fever and chills
By all of these symptoms should not be treated with massage but should see a doctor or consult an alternative medicine specialist (In case anyone likes to design the way of the villagers) see first how should be treated. In order to be able to properly treat

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