What dose a herbal compress ball do?

What dose a herbal compress ball do?

What dose a herbal compress ball do?

The compress massage is one you must try!
Herbal compress massage  is the wisdom to combine the work of 4 things combined in the therapy.

Use of heat
Use of herbal medicine
Use of aromatherapy
Use the massage technique to use the compress ball.

The working principle of herbal compress massage is to warm the herbal compress ball by steaming. until the compress is hot, then use the heat from the compress to relieve muscle stiffness, reduce pain, reduce joint stiffness and soften the fascia Increase blood circulation and enlarge pores, allowing the herbal medicine contained in the compress to work to promote the drug’s action more.

Most people think that medicines must only be taken by mouth and forget that the skin is another channel through which medicines, other nutrients, or even air can pass through the skin. Up to about 3,000 square inches ever.

The herbs that we use in the compress consist of the main herbs as follows: Plai, lemongrass, turmeric, tamarind leaves, kaffir lime skin, and can be used to supplement other herbs. The properties of these medicines include a group that helps dilate blood vessels, an inflammation treatment group, a skin care group to help with therapy.

on the aromatherapy side Plai contains essential oils to reduce inflammation, has an antihistamine effect in pediatric patients with asthma. Bergamot skin smell helps to relax stress, relieve anxiety, calm the mind, borneol stimulates the brain and breathing, relieves symptoms. dizzy And the best thing about using the Compress Ball is the technique of using the Compress Ball to massage muscles, so the Compress Ball massage is more effective than normal massage. Do not let the hot compress burn the skin of the massaged person. And will press along the muscle groove according to the massage pattern by using pressure on the hardened point with heat to help loosen the stretch. and then make the drug to work more effectively Reducing inflammation, swelling, tightness is considered an integration of therapeutic sciences that are difficult to compare with other sciences.


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