Type of Massage for Aromatherapy purpose

Type of Massage for Aromatherapy purpose

Aroma MassageAs 6,000 years ago, the Egyptians used plants such as Frankincense (frankincense) and Myrrh (myrrh) to be burned for their deity. It was found that it was used in conjunction with oil. The aroma of these plants is soothing. Make the circulatory system in the body better. Later, the Greeks and Romans introduced essential oils for medicinal purposes. It has been used with massage and bathing methods. To treat various symptoms, there is also another compelling evidence. The Chinese also discovered essential oil from the burning of plants for worshiping the gods about 2,700 years ago. The essential oil from the extraction was known and widely used during the post-crusades period when An Arab physician devised a perfect method of distilling essential oils.
Aromatherapy massage is the science of relaxing massage using essential oils. The masseuse only puts a little weight on the muscles. for the muscles to relax Plus, during the massage, you will also be able to smell the mild herbal scent, which will greatly reduce your stress, anxiety and fatigue. In addition, the use of oil to gently massage the lines at various points also stimulates the circulatory system. Make the blood flow more easily as well. It can be said that it is a popular massage for everyone. In addition to being a light massage to make yourself comfortable. The use of essential oils also helps to nourish the skin to look radiant, smooth, and moisturized as well.

The benefits of “essential oils” for various systems of the body
• Circulatory System : Stimulates blood flow and helps detoxify various wastes.• Nervous system: helps to relax. Reduce headaches caused by stress Reduce mood swings• Immune system : strengthens the immune system. Help the lymph nodes and white blood cells work better. to eliminate germs from the body• Digestive system: expels wind and acid gas in the stomach.• Reproductive system: helps with sex hormones. sexually aroused• Skin system: slow down wrinkle symptoms. add moisture and stimulate skin cell turnoverCompared to aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage tends to put a little more weight on it. But it’s not too heavy. Most of the time, these massage techniques are used.

5 massage techniques “Swedish” style
• Stroking (Effeurage): There are many forms of stroking, such as short strokes, long strokes, outward strokes, inward spirals, and stroking is useful in helping to stimulate blood flow into the heart. The blood flows directly to the skin as well. It is also used to soothe muscles in areas that have undergone acupressure or intense massage.

• Squeezing (Petrissage): Squeezing will help stimulate the work of the lymphatic system.

• Tapotement : the use of hands to hit or hit the muscles to stimulate the nervous system.

• Pressing (Friction): Pressing will help loosen the muscles in the tense area. reduce pain It also treats fibrosis island as well.

• Vibration: shaking the muscles in different areas at different speeds. stimulates muscles and loosen the tight muscles
and the Swedish massage Popular with aromatherapy oils to help the smoothness of the massage Suitable for office workers And people who use the same muscles repeatedly and also have the technique of pressing the line. Which stimulates the circulatory system and balances hormones. You will get up, sit down, you will feel comfortable and will definitely recover from sore muscles.

Sports Massage
Sports massage is said to have been developed over 1,000 years ago by the Greeks and Romans who invented massage for athletes during the Galen festival. The race and after the race Later it was distributed to Europe and America and has been widely popular until today.

But before, sports massage was only used for athlete massage. It is different from other massages in that it can be massaged both before playing sports. during sports and after sports without causing muscle injury But it is absolutely necessary to have a massage from a specialist.

What are the benefits of sports massage?
Nowadays, people are more popular to go to sports massage. because even though he is not an athlete But if you work hard or are a person who loves exercise, you can get a massage. Sport massage will massage the muscles deep inside. therefore use a rather strong pressure This type of massage is not suitable for novice massage therapists or people who want to massage for relaxation only. Various techniques are used.

Whether it’s short-long strokes, knocking, slapping muscles, as well as bringing oils that contain essential oils that have properties that help reduce inflammation, reduce muscle pain, such as peppermint essential oil. Ginger essential oil, etc. When the massage is finished, it will help relieve inflammation of the muscles. Helps maintain muscle strength and increase the efficiency of the muscles Because it will make the muscles more flexible.

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