Reduce Puffy Eyes from Smart Phone

Reduce Puffy Eyes from Smart Phone

Reduce Puffy Eyes from Smart Phone

The average person around the world uses a smartphone for almost 3 hours a day. The problem is Eyes will become tired, burning eyes or affect insomnia. Recently, it was found that Thai people have the highest internet usage rate in the world.

Elyrest brings a simple way to reduce fatigue. and can do it right away for you today.

Method 1

Tips to reduce fatigue from Smart Phone with unique ice or ice cubes

Clean your face and eyes and pat them dry.

Take a small amount of ice cubes on the eyes, under the eyes and the outer corners of the eyes for 1-2 minutes.

Can be done at the same time on both sides

Can be done on a daily basis without harm

Method 2

2 stainless steel spoons

Place the two stainless steel spoons in the freezer until cool.

Take it out and place it on both of your eyes for 1-2 minutes.

When it cools down, put it back in the fridge and do it over and over again until you feel comfortable.

Method 3

used tea bags

Soak both tea bags in cold water or cold water with ice for a moment.

Squeeze out all the water from the bag.

Gently put it on both eyes for about 10 minutes, can be dipped in cold water again and can be used again.

Do it as often as you want or feeling swollen, tired

Method 4

Eye patch, cold, herbal tablets

Helps relax tired eyes

Suitable for people who use their eyes to focus for a long time. It helps to relax the eyes from using computers and mobile phones or while traveling can help relax. Relieve fatigue, fresh and bright eyes, relieve bags under the eyes, swelling. and helps to sleep soundly when waking up

Round beads of herbs, in addition to helping to absorb the cold for a long time, can also be rolled on the eyes to massage the eyes to stimulate blood circulation like doing an eye spa as well.

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