Elyrest Aroma Facial Herbal Compress Ball Mangosteen 50 G.


Elyrest Aroma Facial Herbal Compress Ball Mangosteen 50 G.(Herbal Spa Ball )helpsto reduce acne, scales, itchy skin and defects of skin. Slow aging process.Support the invigorating effect of a cool facial treatment. Nourish your face skin soft and healthy. Improve blood circulation.

Direction :

  1. Sock the ball in warm water .
  2.  Bring the ball to massage on area of Facial that you want in clockwise direction. ( Should be do it salfty while you use the ball press and massage.
  3.  After used the ball , should be left it cool and dry. Then put ball into plastic bag and place it in refrigerator. Should be use 1- 2 times.

All products are handmade with high quality 100% herbal in natural cotton.

Size : 50 g

Package : in paper box



Zingibercassumnar (Plai) , Curcuma longa (Turmeric) , Curcuma aromatica (Zedoaria) , Kaempferia galangal ( Aromatic Ginger ), Calcium Cabonate ( Thai white mud ), Limoniaacidissima Linn (Tanaka), Garciniamangostana ( Mangosteen ) , Centellaasiatica ( Pennywort )