Aroma Diffuser Vanilla Orange




A special recipe of aroma diffuser use with diffuser reed sticks. Help aroma scent spread around the room or the desired area. Without leaving perfume stains in the bottle.

Vanilla Orange is a sweet and refreshing scent.  Help increase happiness and merry mood.

  • NO harmful chemicals
  • NO alcohol
  • NO Dipropylene Glycol.

Long-lasting natural fragrance

How to use :

1 On the first use, put the reed stick into the bottle of diffuser oil to absorb the perfume (soak it for about 1 hour) then switch sides. Keep the wet side on top to make the scent more diffuse

2 If the room is small may reduce the number of reed sticks while the room size is wide you can increase the number of reed sticks by gradually increasing the number of sticks from 2-3 stems if you want to smell stronger. Therefore gradually increasing the number

3. Flip the reed stick every week. To increase the aroma to spread further

4 The stick should be changed every 2-3 months because the old stick will not absorb odors.

Caution :

1. Keep away from heat or flame.

2. Store at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight

3. Avoid damp areas.

4. Avoid contact with the eyes.

5. Keep out of the reach from children and pets.

Size:  100 ml