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  • Elyrest by baanidin Herbal oil tea tree

    Tea Tree Pain Relief Herbal Massage Oil


    Elyrest Tea Tree Pain Relieve Herbal Massage Oil / Roller

    • Thai Traditional Medicine with Aromatherapy
    • Topically herb for sore muscles
    • 100% Natural Ingredients
    • No Methyl salicylate
    • No Perfume (100 % Essential Oil )
    • No preservative
    • No petrochemical compounds

    Sport Massage Oil, Specifically decide foam rollers and self-massage tools on pulse points, joint & muscles, Neck & back, temporal or pain problems area on any part of body. With Thai natural herb such as plai, Ginger, lemongrass, this eases muscle and joint aches. Add more the concentrate of Essential oil of Tea Tree, give tone to skeletal muscles. Dilation of local blood vessels makes it useful muscular aches and pains. Has a beneficial effect on respiratory illnesses.