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  • Elyrest Tea time

    Aroma Lemongrass and panda tea / Tea Time Series


    Tea is considered one of healthiest and very natural beverages more than 1000 years. One kind of all tea is Lemongrass and Pandan tea. That combination the varities of both , mental and physical benefits.

    That made from leave of pandan and stalks of Lemongrass. Helps improve the health condition and increases the level of wellness. That suit for every one.

    Benefits of Pandan leaves

    To help with arthritis, the debilitating and painful joint condition.

    To Help the wounds and skin proplems.

    To help headaches and fevers.

    Benefits of Lemongrass

    To help relief stress and anxiety

    To help clear away toxins from the kidneys and bladder

    to boost the body’s system

    to helps the stomach issues and aliments include cramps and abdomen pain.

    To help cough and cold.