Massage oil for Joint pain

Massage oil for Joint pain

Joint pain can be caused by many reasons. There are more than 100 diseases, causing swelling, pain and reduced mobility. and tissues around the joints of the body for chronic arthritis need lifelong treatment The exact cause of many types of arthritis is still unknown.

The most common joint pain symptoms include:

Joint pain associated with the common cold which in addition to fever, headache, muscle aches There may also be joint pain. Usually there is no inflammation, swelling and redness in the joints, the symptoms will improve with the flu.

Joint pain from exercise or heavy use It is often in a very active article. such as the knee used for walking or play hard sports

Rheumatoid arthritis which has inflammation of the lining of the joints It causes swelling, redness, pain. Chronic inflammation causes joint pain. and reduced joint movement Joint pain, stiffness in the fingers, unable to clench, often when waking up The symptoms are usually multiple. and often in the left-right same level, symmetrical

Age-related osteoarthritis which has deterioration of the cartilage that protects and cover the surface of the joints Don’t let the two joint bones meet, causing pain. and move less When the bone rubs on the bone, it is usually found in the knee joint. If there are few symptoms, it will only hurt when moving or walking. But if the symptoms are severe, they will be in pain all the time. including swollen, red and deformed joints

Arthritis, or gout, is most common in men with high blood uric levels. humerus of the big toe Usually the joints are inflamed. the most red swelling

There are many ways to treat joint pain. In addition to the methods of modern medicine The use of herbal medicines is one of the most popular alternatives such as massage oil to relieve joint pain which is an oil that is easy to use and works in a good pain reliever massage oil There must be a mixture of herbs that have properties to reduce joint pain, reduce swelling and reduce inflammation.

Pain Relief Herbal Massage oil

Natural instant pain relief therapeutic oil  All Natural Benefits

• Relieve from body ache

• Relieve from Muscle and joint pains or spasms

• Cures Swollen joints

• Immediate relief from menstrual cramps

• Reduces inflammation of joints

100 % Natural products

No Perfume (100 % Essential Oil )

No Methyl salicylate

No Chemical, aluminum, oxidants

No Methyl salicylate

No parabens, No preservative

No petrochemical compounds

No animal testing

No animal by-products

No harmful substances

Ingredients that easy absorb to the skin

Black sesame Oil( SesamumIndicum L), Rice Oil (Oryza sativa), Sweet Almond Oil ( Prunusdulcis ), Plai Oil ( Zingier CassumunarRoxb ) , Lemongrass Oil ( Cymbopogon ), Aromatic Ginger Oil( Kaempferia galangal ) , Kaffir Lime Oil ( Citrus hystrix ) , Clove Oil (Syzygiumaromaticum), Cinnamon oil

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