Lumbar pain, back pain with relaxation therapy

Lumbar pain, back pain with relaxation therapy

Lumbar pain, back pain with relaxation therapy

What are the concerns about lumbar pain due to tension?

Stress-induced lumbar pain is a symptom perceived by the patient alone. while outsiders cannot perceive Even with X-ray examination, no abnormalities are found. Because of this, sometimes even doctors cannot find the cause. Even rest can help treat symptoms. But if you want to rest for a long time, there is probably no company that is willing to accept employees who have to take frequent leave.

The first thing you should do is Find the source of your stress and fix it. However, troubleshooting is something that takes time. Therefore, it is important to find time to sweet dreams and create personal imagination.

Lumbar pain, back pain caused by stress It’s because of the hard work. work pressure all cause stress Therefore, letting the imagination run wild in one’s own world is the ideal therapy for this group of people.


How to do Imagination Therapy?


  1. Prepare to help create better imagination.
  • Find a quiet place. The right time is morning and bedtime
  • Should practice every day and should practice regularly.
  • Sit or lie down. Close your eyes in a comfortable position. no one disturbs
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing. Take off your shoes and jewelry.


  1. Think of fun memories and things you want to do.

Even if it’s called therapy It is a treatment that does not require any equipment or location. Just thinking about travel or fun things that help relax the mind.


  1. Use music and objects that evoke memories.

Even more effective personal imagination is to find objects that visualize or listen to music that clearly reminds us of the place and the season.


  1. Close your eyes and use slow inhalation and exhalation breathing exercises until your body relaxes, then add an imaginary practice to visualize yourself in pleasant nature. be anywhere as you like to make you feel most relaxed and soak up the beautiful peaceful atmosphere around the place you imagined. Keep doing this until you feel relaxed, then count to 10 and slowly open your eyes.

Imagination is a personal haven that can be used whenever you need to rest even on your way to work. Help relieve stress in a short period of time. It makes back pain, waist pain, relieved with results.

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