Knowing of Plai

Knowing of Plai

Characteristics of Plai

Plai sapling is a herbaceous plant with a height of 0.7-1.5 meters, with a rhizome underground. The bark is yellowish brown. The inner flesh is yellow to greenish yellow. Prick the shoots or artificial stems up into clumps. It consists of a leaf sheath or base overlapping. Fresh and juicy rhizomes of pistils, astringent, hot, tingly, with a specific smell, while fresh and dried rhizomes of pistils have a slightly spicy taste. Propagated by seeds, rhizomes, or rhizomes, but the rhizome is generally used for planting. This species is native to Asia in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. It is widely grown in Kanchanaburi, Suphan Buri, Prachinburi and Sa Kaeo provinces.

Plai leaves. The appearance of the leaves are oblong-lanceolate. Leaves are single, alternate, about 3.5-5.5 centimeters wide and 18-35 centimeters long.

Plai flowers in bouquets stabbed from underground rhizomes soft colored petals with purple leaves

Properties of Plai

Help improve blood and distribute blood. Diffuse blood clots (Plai flowers).

Help solve the disabled element (Plai tree)

Help cure fever (leaves)

Helps to cure vomiting Bloody vomiting (rhizomes)

Helps to relieve toothache (rhizomes)

Helps to cure nosebleeds from the nose (rhizomes).

Helps to cure diseases caused by bleeding through the mouth and nose (rhizome).

Helps relieve constipation (rhizome)

Helps heal intestinal ulcers Cure enteritis (rhizome)

Helps to cure deformed stools (Plai)

Helps drive menstruation in women drive all the bad blood and fix leucorrhea (rhizome)

Helps to treat sprains, bruises, swelling, sprained ankles (rhizomes)

Helps reduce inflammation, relieve pain, swelling, stiffness, aches and pains (rhizomes)

Help relieve fatigue Relieve muscle aches Body pain (leaf)

Helps to treat skin diseases (rhizome)

Plai properties of rhizomes help treat abscesses (rhizomes)

Rhizomes can be used to coat wounds to prevent infection (rhizomes).

Helps to relieve symptoms of jaundice (leaves)

Helps treat beriberi (rhizome)

Plai rhizomes can be boiled with women’s postpartum bath water (rhizomes).

Plai’s rhizomes contain essential oils. which from the experiment found that it has the effect of reducing inflammation (rhizome)

Plai has an effect similar to smooth muscle. Reduces the contraction of the uterus and intestines. including the stomach in lab rats

Plai has the effect of helping against fungi. Micro organisms and bacteria

Plai rhizome is classified in the drug formula “Prasaplai”, which has properties to help treat irregular or less menstrual periods. and help drive loamy juice in women after childbirth


High doses or prolonged use can cause liver toxicity. And it is not safe to use as an asthma medication. And should not be taken orally alone for a long time. In addition to the removal of substances that are toxic to the liver first.

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