How to use scrub Step by Step

How to use scrub Step by Step

Skin scrub helps to remove dirt and remove dead epidermis cells to restore the skin to look radiant and smooth again. It also helps to open the pores to be wider. It prepares the skin for skin care with skin care, making the cream able to nourish our skin more as well.

The scrubbing process is actually not difficult. do it yourself at home Let’s see.

1. Take a shower to wash your skin thoroughly.

Even the skin It will help remove the dirt on our skin deep into the pores. but should take a shower first To clean the dirt that is stuck on the external surface. and opening the pores make the skin moist Helps reduce irritation Bruising or wounds that may be caused by scrubbing the skin

2. Use an exfoliating device that is gentle on the skin.

During the scrubbing, some strokes may be too heavy. causing a burning sensation and itching irritation As a result, the skin can be damaged. Therefore, use a device that is gentle on the skin. used in polishing Whether it is a loofah or a sponge, which during the should be done gently Do not be too hard to scrub the desired area, just like this, it will help scrub the skin. It has been effective.

3. Duration of exfoliation

For the time it takes to scrub the skin. should not be too long By the skin on the face, mask the scrub, then massage and scrub for about 3-5 minutes. It takes about 15-20 minutes. However, each scrub may take a different amount of time before use, so you should read the instructions. in order to use it as efficiently as possible.

4. Wash the scrub with warm water. followed by cold water

When the scrub is finished The scrub should be washed with warm water. followed by cold water to remove any dirt that may remain

5. Wipe dry with a towel and apply body lotion.

After exfoliation, use a moisturizing skin care product every time to prevent dry skin. The lotion should contain vitamins C and E to stimulate the skin’s renewal, rapid cell turnover and help clear skin. even more

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