How to smell good on hot days

How to smell good on hot days

If you’re feeling particularly bad at body odor in hot weather, don’t panic. Because during hot weather, there is often a lot of sweating. So it’s easy to smell. So to bring back the confidence You should make your body smell naturally. with a bath mixed with concentrated pandan juice and drink pandan juice It will help reduce sweat odor, body odor, make your body smell good, feel refreshed, and your skin will be much cleaner.

How do pandan leaves make us smell better?

When pandan leaves are distilled by steam, the aromatic compounds are Pandanamine, Linalyl acetate, Benzyl acetate, Linaloe. (Linalool) and Geraniol contains aromatic substances Coumarin and ethyl Vanillin of the body and help reduce bacteria The cause of the smell is the other substances that make pandan leaves have properties in the treatment and skin care. Helps to quench thirst, relieve heat, helps to increase energy, helps to relieve fatigue of the body. can be a diuretic

How to make concentrated pandan juice for bathing or soaking

Take 1-2 large pandan leaves (use the whole plant) and grind or blend thoroughly. Then mix it with warm water in a mixing bowl and stir to combine.

Then use some white cloth to filter the fiber. Then take the pandan juice to take a bath or soak it. But if anyone wants to make pandan juice to drink

Take about 1-2 tablespoons of this concentrated pandan juice and mix it with boiled water. Season with a little sugar. Then bring it to drink to be happy.

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