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Trust of Holistic, Fine Natural Ingredients,Selected Origin sources, Products Solution what reasonable price for your business as Spa, Gym, Training Center, Yoga Studio, Boxing Club, Ayurveda Course and etc.

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5 Benefits of Herbal Compress Ball

5 Benefits of herbal Compress ball
Healthier nerves and muscles
Movement of massage with herbal compress ball provides a gentle stimulation of the nerves beneath skin. Which help to bring concentration and focus to your mind and release your stress and tension.
Improves blood circulation
Massaging with Elyrest Herbal Compress Ball on area needed on your body will help to release tension , stress and toxins by naturally flow of blood circulation during and after massage treatment. Which promote detoxification of the area treated.
Many herb and essential oils are all good for treating circulation problems.
Increases flexibility
The massage compress treatment with the precise pressure helps to stretch and tone the muscle for proper functioning. Flexibility of the muscle is essential for healthy blood flow to balance immune and inner organs what normal function.
Keeps you healthy
The gentle motion of Herbal Compress Ball Massage to boost the blood circulation hence to promote secretion of different hormones to skin, hair and overall body improvement. If you concerns its.

Improves your mood and stress away
7 reflex centers effect to the glands of the neck, head, reproductive organs, pancreas, kidneys and liver. Massage the proper reflex center gently with essential oil encourage the secretion of hormone for better mood and suppress depression. You will Better mood and stress away.

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