Herbal compress therapy

Herbal compress therapy

Herbal compress is another therapeutic method of Thai traditional medicine which can be used in conjunction with Thai massage usually, herbal compress is used after the massage. The effect of herbal compress treatment is due to the effect of heat from the compress and the result of the herbal medicine absorbed through the skin layer into the body

The effect of heat from compression on the treatment There are the following:

1. Helps to stretch the fascia tissue.

2. Reduce stiffness joints.

3. Reduce muscle contraction

4. Reduce pain

5. Helps reduce swelling caused by inflammation of muscles, ligaments and joints after 24-48 hours.

6. Improves blood flow.

         Effects of Herbs used in herbal compress recipes

Most herbal medicines have medicinal properties that are effective in curing sprains and bruises make the tendon slack which, when combined with the heat from the hot compress, synergizes each other’s healing effects. Herbs in herbal compress such as Plai, turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime peel, have essential oils as their active ingredient.

                In addition, other herbs may be used in the herbal compress recipe, such as Curcuma aromatica, persimmon leaves, onions, fresh ginger, chives, persimmons, morning glory, and celery peels. If you can’t find all the herbs in the recipe, use as much as you can. But the indispensable herb is Plai because it is an important drug of this recipe.

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