Health Benefits of Sauna

Health Benefits of Sauna

Herbal steaming sauna is a method of healing and promoting health. According to the principles of Thai traditional medicine Using the principle of herbal steaming is to boil many herbs together, which consists of herbs with essential oils and herbs to treat symptoms. Sour herbs bring to a boil, steam, and essential oils. And various volatile substances contained in the herb will come into contact with the skin, causing local effects. and inhaled with breath Affects the respiratory system and results throughout the body. Therefore, the healing effect of herbal steam that penetrates through the skin and enters the breath, which has the following health benefits

Health benefits of herbal streaming sauna

1. Improves blood circulation in the body. relieve tension

2. Help cleanse and drive waste out of the body.

3. Help relax muscles and tendons, and relieve aches and pains.

4. Help improve the respiratory system.

5. Help nourish the skin. Relieves rashes

6. Helps to reduce body weight temporarily

7. Helps the uterus to enter the cradle faster in women after giving birth

8. Helps to relax and reduce headache

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