Facial Herbal Ball and ingredient

Facial herbal ball massage, It is the coordination of 4 things together:

1. Using heat is to use the heat level that is suitable for the skin because the front area has nerves and skin that requires special attention

2. The use of herbs is to choose herbs that are gentle on the skin. Has properties to help reduce wrinkles and make the skin relax

3. Using aromatherapy herbal scent It should be a scent that helps with relaxation. It has anti-inflammatory effects to help treat acne.

4. Using the Massage Compress Technique is to bring the science of facial massage combined with compress Soft hand application to help skin feel flexible and relaxed.

Because of the facial needs more gentle. The compress at Elyrest has a production method that is different from the Body Spa Ball. The herb pulp is ground into a fine powder. So that the value of herbs can penetrate deeper into the skin. There is a softer touch during the massage and can be used many times. Facial herbal ball Helps to stimulate blood flow on the face. Reduce freckles and help sweating remove toxins, reduces wrinkling, spot clearance. Nourish your face skin soft and healthy. Invigorating, and whitening face skin, antioxidant. Main Ingredients Plai, Turmeric , Curcuma aromatica, Tanaka, Thai White Mud

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