Benefit of aroma oil

When we talk about fragrance  scents and aroma,  everyone has different preferences based on personal experience and taste. Whether it’s the aroma of flowers, coffee, freshly prepared or cooked food, or the smell of natural surroundings. which if the fragrance is caused by volatile substances such as essential oils from flowers It is classified as an aromatic scent. one of a kind immediately

Many people are familiar with the term Aromatherapy, which literally translates to Aroma  (fragrance, scents ) Therapy (heal, treatment) , especially with massage and spa science, can almost be said to be a companion. It can also be used by bathing or compressing, inhaling the smoke from steam or burning  which humans know to use benefits of aromatherapy through over 6,000 years of aromatherapy in Egypt, India and China. But it also has properties that affect the body until it is popular all over the world to this day.

1. Relax Reduce stress of both body and mind

The aroma of some essential oils has calming properties. Relax , drive away fatigue This results in a reduction in mental and muscular tension. Reduce headache This makes the use of aromatherapy popular in massage parlors and spas. To achieve peace and close to nature and have a positive mindset

2. Nourish the skin and help relieve inflammation, remove wrinkles

By aromatherapy oil massage or the use of cosmetics, creams, pharmaceuticals containing aromatherapy. allow the oil to penetrate into the skin The massage or spa uses natural extracted oils. which has a volatile fragrance and has properties to nourish the skin to be moisturized, healthy, reduce dryness Help treat inflammation from insect bites to relieve quickly. or even help reduce wrinkles and scars to fade

3. Make it easier to sleep Suitable for those who have trouble sleeping.

because of the aroma It has soothing and calming properties. and at the same time creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation resulting in easier sleep deeply through the night and wake up refreshed. Therefore, it helps both after the massage and the use of aromatherapy in the bedroom to adjust the atmosphere in the room to be comfortable, soft, ready to sleep to truly rest.

4. Disinfect the air through diffuser or chamber smoked

Because some aromas have antiseptic properties that can kill germs such as cinnamon, cloves, oregano, rosemary, eucalyptus, they are used to kill germs in the respiratory tract. It also helps relieve stuffy nose symptoms. It is recommended to use via inhalation of aromatic steam. It can also be used to disinfect enclosed rooms. With the method of dripping essential oils on a plate specially for burning. It will cause the smell to evaporate throughout the room. and leave it for about 10 minutes before using that room

5. Build immunity for the body to be strong and restore health

Because of the aroma properties that help the body to rest fully and have good mental health. Consequently, the body will have better health, stimulate blood flow causing the body to produce more immunity as well.  It also helps restore health both physically and mentally animated Depending on the type of oil used, which has different properties and characteristics.

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