Aromatherapy massage safe during pregnancy

During pregnancy The uterus in the lower abdomen is greatly enlarged. The weight will drop This causes most pregnant women to walk behind their backs.

The various joints loose due to the sharing of collagen in the body to the womb change the way of the body therefore often have a lot of back pain until it may be the beginning of accumulated stress for pregnant women especially the last trimester of pregnancy. 7-9 months of gestation that will cause more muscle fatigue There may be leg pain or weakness in the arm area

With increased body weight and an enlarged abdomen This makes both the mother’s legs and back have to play an even harder role. Makes me want to go for a relaxing massage according to the health massage center But when I go, I’m often denied service because I’m pregnant.

Can pregnant people actually massage?

The person who can give the best answer is an “obstetrician” because the physical condition of each pregnant woman is quite different. Massage can have both positive and negative effects on health. Therefore, it is best to start by consulting the mother’s obstetrician before deciding to have a massage every time.

 In general Mothers who are pregnant during the first 3 months should not massage at all. Because this is the period with the easiest risk of miscarriage. Including during pregnancy 6 months and above should not massage as well. This is because the uterus is enlarged to the point that it presses on blood vessels and other organs, which improper massage can be dangerous.

What kind of massage can I get?

For pregnant women whose obstetrician allows massage “Swedish Massage” is one of the most popular massage techniques for pregnant women. Because it is a massage to focus primarily on muscle relaxation. It also stimulates the lymphatic and blood systems. through gentle massage No acupressure or press the various muscles by the advantages of massage during pregnancy. It not only relieves aches and pains, cramps and circulatory system of the body. but also reduces edema Pregnancy tension and depression as well as helping mothers sleep better as well

What points should be avoided during the massage?

Areas that should be avoided in particular include the abdomen, legs, or areas with varicose veins. to avoid causing the blood clots to clot in other areas which thrombosis in pregnant women is extremely dangerous Because pregnant women are at a much higher risk of developing the disease than normal people. or even a foot massage Many people may have doubts that the feet look like a distant organ and are not dangerous. But Thai traditional medicine believes that the feet are the nerve centers. Massage can stimulate the contraction of the uterus and cause miscarriage.

 Repeat again! You should consult your obstetrician who takes care of your pregnancy before making a decision to massage every time.

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