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Elyrest Aroma Herb Export Manufacturer Thailand
Elyrest Aroma Herb Export Manufacturer Thailand

The big goal of Elyrest Founders be community of Aromatherapy and Herbal for everyone in daily use as food and non-food. From the beginner till professional.

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We began Elyrest in 2006 —to create a brand that valued the well-being of your life with powerful ingredients from nature, pure & safe . It was a revolutionary approach to beauty and healthy. Very important!! to boost help our environment.

Trust the safe way with Holistic Thai brand – ELYREST NO.1AROMA & HERB



To create our safe & clean products, our team making products from naturally-derived ingredients with ELYREST’s standards – that never lower our standards formulated to ensure the trust, safety performance of every product.

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Our passion is connected between balance your life, with tacit knowledge by products that are rich to touch natural with essential oil blends that enhance your mind and soul. and healing with easy and enjoy treatments as clean food, Ketogenic treatment. 

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At our factory in Chiang Rai, we produce all of our natural products by hand, using the finest ingredients either grown by sourced from trusted growers and choose essential oils direct from producers our products are made from the highest quality and the freshest ingredients .