7 Easy ways to lose weight don’t have time to exercise, fast results, not losing health.

7 Easy ways to lose weight don’t have time to exercise, fast results, not losing health.

7 easy ways to lose weight Want to be slim but don’t have time to exercise, fast results, not losing health.

In this era of pandemic, in addition to having to work at home and being in front of the computer all day, it makes the opportunity to exercise less. There is a risk of gaining weight. So we have easy ways to get in shape without exercising. Up to 7 methods as follows.

1. Reduce the sweetness

Savory foods or beverages such as tea, coffee, fruit juices all contain a lot of sugar. It is advisable to be careful when eating each meal before cooking. Avoid sugary foods and switch beverages to less sugary ones, such as by ordering a less-sweetened beverage. The body will gradually get used to it and eat less sweet. In the end, the body should consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar or 24 grams per day.

2. Reduce oily or fried foods.

Eating too much fat can have a detrimental effect on your health. The fried foods you see in rice and curry restaurants are all high in fat. Fried food is a cooking method that uses a lot of oil, so we should avoid this type of food. and switch to boiled, stewed, and steamed food instead. In addition, reducing fried or high-fat foods helps reduce the risk of various diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc., as well as good weight control. too

3. Keep a journal of what you eat to control your food intake.

Because small bites cause the body to receive more nutrients than necessary, it is important to write down what we eat, whether it’s in a notebook, put a notebook in your mobile phone or take a picture. There are also different applications. that helps to record our daily eating habits And can calculate the calories in each food that we eat so that we know how many calories we eat each day.

4. Drink enough water.

Drinking enough water will help the system in the body work better. It also helps us not feel too hungry. But if it’s sweet It may make you fatter than before. Because in sweet water there is a lot of sugar. But if you really want freshness, you might find a drink that uses sweeteners instead of sugar. or beverages marked with 0 grams of sugar content, they will be able to drink refreshed and without worrying about the amount of sugar as well.

5. Increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in every meal.

Not only are fruits and vegetables that are low in calories. High in vitamins and minerals Plus it helps to make you full faster. Eating more fruits and vegetables will also increase dietary fiber. or fiber in the body which helps to control blood sugar levels Helps reduce constipation and helps the digestive system to be normal It is recommended to eat 2 scoops of vegetables per meal and 1-2 portions of fruit by choosing all 5 colors of fruits and vegetables to get a variety of nutrients.

6. Get enough rest

In addition to keeping your body fresh and glowing, getting enough sleep can help your body regulate sugar levels and control weight better. Lack of sleep also results in the body reducing the amount of hormones such as the thyroid hormone sex hormone, which stimulates appetite. As a result, people who sleep less feel hungry more often than usual and are more likely to choose high-calorie foods.

7. Cook your own food

Because eating food from the restaurant, we cannot limit the amount of ingredients put into it. Whether it’s oil, sugar or sodium are all things that destroy our bodies unconsciously as well, if we can cook ourselves, it will help us choose quality ingredients and fat content. can be low, for example, from lean chicken to skinless chicken breast Reduce the amount of oil and various seasonings, etc.

Even if you don’t have time to exercise, but if we follow the 7 recommendations presented as a habit, we guarantee that in addition to unknowingly improving your body, your health will be better and you will definitely be far away from various diseases.

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