7 Benefit s of Hot&Cold Pack

It is to compress the part of the body that has pain such as neck, shoulder, back, with a hot compress at a temperature for treatment of 40 – 45 degrees It is moist heat and cold compress at a temperature of 15-20 degrees The patient will lie on a hot pad for about 20-30 minutes, where the heat will relax the muscles and have better blood circulation.

Why they’re work

1. Fill with 100% natural material

Get benefit from herbal for muscle pain, Grains and pure Essential Oil.

2. Relieve pain caused by muscle tension or spasms and improve blood circulation

Increased circulation to your injured body part helps bring in nutrients, oxygen, and cells that promote healing. This increased circulation can also wash away metabolic waste materials that may be gathered around your injured body site.

3. Can be reused about  700 times. or 2- 3 years

You can use this pack anytime  for everyday

4. Easy to use, Hot and Cold applications

For hot compress using hot compress helps blood vessels to expand increase blood flow better injury repair pain relief.

For Cold compress using help blood vessels to contract make the bleeding less There is water absorption back into the blood vessels to help collapse swelling.

5. Controllable temperature  

As  hot for about  30-45 minutes and as cool about 30 minutes so you can do each treatment continue.

6. Dry. No stains on your skin or clothes

All material from cotton and contain with dry herbal.

7. Comfortable when you use

The shape and size are designed  to comfort  the body part that you place and the packs are then applied directly on the exposed area that needs treatment.

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