7 Benefit of  Microwave Herbal Ball

It has been used as an ancient therapy for kneading chronic problems such as neck and shoulder pain, back pain for centuries in Thailand. It is often a compliment to traditional massage. It is said that Thai healing is especially good for muscle aches. Use a soothing rhythm to massage you. Or place it on the acupressure area of ​​the body to relieve sore muscles. stimulate circulation as well as increasing the flow of energy that is important to health

Microwave Herbal Ballor Herbal Hot and Cold Microwave Ball , It’s one kind of herbal ball that  help to reduce aches and pains it’s similar fresh Herbal Compress Ball but can use last longer. Their benefit are

1. Can be reused  about  500 Times. or 1- 1.5 year

2. Get benefit  with aromatherapy from authentic herbal and essential oil

3. Easy to use, Heat in the microwave for just 1-2 minute.

4. No need to steam / water

5. Controllable temperature

6. Dry. No stains on your skin or clothes.

7. Hot and Cold applications

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