6 Tips to apply face mask

6 Tips to apply face mask

6 things to remember before and after applying a face mask

Any girls who like skin care Facial mask is another way to add food to the skin to be white, healthy, moist, radiant, because facial masks are not only relaxing, but can also restore our skin better than normal skin care.

But masking the face is not just picking up the cream. or a sheet of mask up and pasted on the face only But we have to do it properly in order for the active ingredients in the mask to penetrate deeply into the skin effectively. For those who are just starting to take care of themselves today, here are 6 things to remember before and after masking your face properly.

  1. Wash your face thoroughly before applying the mask. Using steam for washing It is another way to help cleanse your face. By placing your face in hot steam for about 1 minute or using a clean cloth moistened with warm water to wipe over your face.


  1. Should mask the face while the face is damp. And avoid the area around the eyes and lips.



  1. For good results, dipped gauze pads should be soaked in the mask and applied to the face thoroughly.


  1. While waiting for the nutrients from the mask to penetrate into the skin You should relax by lying down comfortably. or soak in the tub



  1. After the specified time is up, gently remove the mask from the face using a damp cloth to wipe it clean.


  1. Pat the face dry. And nourish the skin again with a moisturizer, serum or facial massage oil containing essential oils and gently massage for 2-3 minutes to allow the nutrients to penetrate into the skin.


In addition, choosing a face mask to suit the skin of the user. It is also equally important, such as people with dry skin. For example, you should choose a mask that is rich in nourishing substances that will primarily moisturize dry skin.


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