5 Easy Tips to Scrub Your Body to Reveal Beautiful, Healthy-Looking Skin

Body scrubs are something that many people should focus on, just like moisturizing their skin because exfoliating removes dead skin cells to reveal new, smoother and clearer skin. Correctly and choose products that are suitable for your skin type, otherwise it may harm your skin.

Today I have 5 easy tips to scrub your body to reveal beautiful, healthy-looking skin as if you just walked out of the spa

 1. Should scrub the skin while the skin is wet.

It is recommended to gently cleanse the skin to remove some of the dirt and sebum. Then apply the scrub on wet skin and rub gently, focusing on dull and especially rough areas for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water, followed by a cold shower. around to tighten pores The reason why you should not scrub the scrub on dry skin0 is because it can irritate the skin, cause blisters, and have problems with dark spots.

2. Choose an item that has scrub beads that are not too big.

Even if you scrub your body, you shouldn’t choose items with too big scrub granules. Because the body skin in some areas is as delicate as the face, it is recommended to choose items with natural ingredients and small beads, the texture is not too dry and hard, when scrubbing on the skin, there will be no irritation. later irritation

3. You should not scrub your skin too often.

The optimal frequency of exfoliation is 1-2 times a week only, as frequent exfoliation with scrubs can make your skin delicate and dry. If done incorrectly and do not nourish the skin to be moisturized later, then you should leave it for a while for the skin to create new skin cells to replace the old skin cells that have been scrubbed away, thus making the skin scrub more effective and more effective. most effective

4. Choose a device to help scrub the skin.

Enhance your exfoliation with an abrasive tool such as a loofah, gloves, or scrub brush. These devices will help scrub the skin more thoroughly and deeply, and also can control the weight of the scrub to not be too strong because if scrubbing too hard, it may cause inflammation.

 5. Keep the skin moisturized always. It’s very important to keep your skin moisturized after scrubbing, as the skin can be quite sensitive and dry easily due to the removal of old skin cells. Therefore, skin should be moisturized with body creams, lotions or coconut oil. Girls can choose according to their preferences and choose to suit your body type. It is recommended to massage into the skin for a little longer than usual. Because it will help the cream penetrate into the skin more deeply than before.

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