5 causes of acne again and again..

People who have to face acne problems and have to fight with it for a long time until the skin is seriously damaged. Of course, the sebum on your face is the main cause of clogged pores. and the growth of P. acnes bacteria that live in the hair follicles. including genetic and hormonal factors causing acne But there are other reasons that may be overlooked as well.

  1. Stress and inadequate rest

Stress can interfere with metabolism. May cause trouble sleeping, disturb the digestive process. feeling depressed Irritability and imbalance If stress continues to accumulate May affect the expression on the skin when stressed. The body produces hormones such as cortisol, cortisol and androgens, nuropeptide hormones. neuropeptides endorphins (endorphins and insulin insulin) and cytokines, which affect the function of the sebaceous glands and may cause acne. or exacerbate acne


  1. Use used products that stimulate acne.

Take Mineral Oil, for example, a hydrating agent often found in body lotions. But causing clogged pores or Silicones that are ingredients of skin care and cosmetics. which causes acne as well because it is a highly concentrated substance Try looking for a product that says it is. noncomedogenic specially developed to avoid clogging pores


  1. Has a habit of picking, sheep, scratching acne non-stop.

Every time I see acne, I invite you to squeeze it out. This behavior only made the situation even worse. Attempting to squeeze or press on a pimple increases the risk of bacteria getting deeper into the pores and spreading around them in a larger area. Even worse, there is a very high chance of causing scars. The best way is to avoid touching your face often. If it is really necessary to get rid of the pill, it should be best left to a medical professional.


  1. Smoke

Everyone knows the dangers of smoking. Every time it is pumped, it reduces the amount of oxygen gas entering the surface. not only cause cancer It also destroys collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkles and enlarged pores. As a result, the skin becomes more irritated and dry than before. This stimulates the skin to produce more oil until acne occurs.

  1. Too often to eat spicy food. inefficient digestive system and eating spicy food High in starch and fat

Some spicy foods contain lycopene which can irritate some people. Including foods such as milk or bread. That results in the skin reacting to the point that acne can occur. Noticed from small whiteheads. or looks like a rash on the tip of the chin or around the lips If you find that whenever you eat this type of food and then have such symptoms. You should consult your doctor to check that, in addition to external effects, Is there anything serious about the digestive system?

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