4 Groups of Herbal in Thai Traditional Sauna or Stream

4 Groups of Herbal in Thai Traditional Sauna or Stream

What herbs are used for steaming

There is no limit on the herbs used in the bath, the types of herbs may be increased or decreased according to their convenience. Based on the principles of herbal steam in 4 groups as follows:

1. Aromatic herbs are herbs that contain essential oils such as Plai, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Kaffir lime skin, Galangal, etc., which have properties that help the blood circulation system improve. Helps relieve stuffy nose Relax muscles, relieve aches, reduce inflammation, help refresh.

2. Sour herbs such as Tamarind leaves, Leaves and pods of Som poi, Pomelo peels, etc. This group of herbs has a weak acidic effect. Helps to cleanse mucus and dirt, nourish the skin, increase the resistance to diseases of the skin.

3. Herbs that are sublimated compounds when heated, fragrant, nourishing the heart, helping to relax and relieve cold and stuffy nose symptoms such as camphor, borneol, menthol.

4. Herbs that are used to treat specific diseases and symptoms, such as

Herbs for pain relief and tendon treatment, such as Plai, Lemongrass

Herbs to treat skin diseases such as Sea Holly, Curcuma aromatica, etc.

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