3 Thai Herbals remedies : Popular for using pain relief

3 Thai Herbals remedies : Popular for using pain relief

3 Thai Herbals remedies : Popular for using pain relief

1. Plai contains a lot of volatile oil. And in it there are important active ingredients that help relieve inflammation, cure sprains, pain, swelling and bruises. If it is aches and pains, it can also be relieved as well. By taking about 1 rhizome of good quality plai, washing the soil and mud stains out before being pounded. Squeeze until the juice comes out. Then use that water to rub the desired area. Or can make it look like a compress ball Properties of Plai is the use of freshly pounded rhizomes mixed with a little salt or camphor. Mix well. Then wrap all the ingredients in a cloth. tied into a sphere like a compress When using it, take it to heat the steam and gradually Apply a compress to the affected area.

2. Ginger help with joint and muscle pain because it contains phytochemicals, which help stop inflammation. Few side effects have been linked to ginger when taken in small doses.

Gingerol in ginger has the effect of reducing muscle aches and pains. and if you feel a headache from a migraine You can drink ginger juice to help reduce pain relief.

3. Turmeric has the effect of relieving joint inflammation in knee osteoporosis patients with similar results to that of modern medicine. Turmeric contains important substances in the curcuminoid family that have anti-inflammatory effects. It acts to inhibit the secretion of enzymes that are released when the body is inflamed, painful and swollen.

   A recent study published in May 2021 found that curcuminoids in turmeric can help reduce inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It works very well by reducing joint stiffness that often occurs after waking up and reducing swelling in the joints, helping patients to walk longer. In addition, turmeric has low toxicity and is therefore being developed as an alternative to alleviating joint inflammation in patients with osteoarthritis or knee arthritis.

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