2 Main type of scrub found in everyday life

2 Main type of scrub found in everyday life

Scrubbing is one of the ways to cleanse the skin. By helping to shed dead skin or dull from the pollution. Found in everyday life to come off when a new layer of skin replaces the skin, it will look clearer, smoother and whiter than before.

Scrubbing has the right way to use it. If not used properly, scrubbing can become a double-edged sword that can easily damage the skin. Today I will take you girls to know the principles of using the correct scrub that many people may not know.

Scrubs can be divided into two main types, which are natural scrubs and chemically processed scrubs, both of which can be used in scrubs to clean the skin as well. And how are the disadvantages different? Let’s see.

1. Scrubs made from a chemical process the scrub beads used in this type of products are often mixed with scrub beads for exfoliation that loosen the dead skin layer. Most of the scrub beads are plastic beads or plastic coated (Micro beads), which range from very coarse beads. To the grains that are very fine, these scrub beads will look like spheres of the same size.

Some scrub beads may be just ordinary plastic beads, some products may be impregnated with natural extracts such as Jojoba Bead scrubs that are made from chemical processes, so they are more prone to skin irritation than scrubs. Made from nature

2. Scrub made from nature. The granules of the scrub are made from plants or fruits and are rather coarse. Natural scrub granules are shaped. and uncertain size But the difference in the shape of the scrub Instead, the scrub beads are effective in scrubbing dirt from the skin more effectively. It also causes less irritation to the skin than scrubs produced by chemical processes.
Tips for properly exfoliating your skin
1. Do not scrub too often. The ideal frequency of exfoliation is 1-2 times a week, which is considered sufficient. In addition, leaving the scrubbing time will allow for new skin cells to be regenerated. to replace old skin cells that have been scrubbed away, so if you force exfoliation often instead of making the skin clear, it will disturb the skin, causing the face to be dry and wrinkles will come

2. Do not use products or creams containing too much alpha hydroxy acids. Because although such acids have the effect of helping to exfoliate skin cells. but if used in excess or apply frequently on a daily basis Constantly stimulating the skin to exfoliate will cause more damage to the skin than it should be. This will cause skin problems to occur in the long run.

3. The best time for exfoliation is at night because after we finish scrubbing while sleeping, the skin cells will be restored from the loss that occurred while scrubbing.

4. Avoid scrubbing when you know that you need to go to a place that has a lot of sunlight, such as the beach. You should not scrub at least 48 hours before going to a sunny area. Because exfoliation makes the skin thinner, making the skin more sensitive to sunlight as well.

5. After exfoliating, apply sunscreen with an SPF of more than 15 when it is necessary to go outside.

6. While doing the scrub by hand, should scrub gently with your hands scrubbing in a small circular motion all over the body should take approximately 15-20 minutes of scrubbing or less is enough.

7. After scrubbing, skin should be nourished with lotion every time to restore moisture to the skin.

Scrubbing the skin to be white and clean. This should be done with gentleness. and should not be done too often Because it will make the skin more delicate. until unable to withstand intense sunlight It may also make skin rougher more easily. Normally, the skin produces skin cells every 2-4 weeks, but over the age of 20, cell turnover will slow down. Exfoliation will help to whiten the skin, but should not be scrubbed. every day The optimal frequency of exfoliation is approximately twice a month. By scrubbing the body, scrub gently in a circular motion and after the scrub is finished, find a lotion to apply on the skin to add moisture to the skin.

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